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a half shot senior session with julie

In our natural state, we generally like the long form photography session, what we call our Single Shot Session, spread out over a couple of hours, leisurely walking or taking short trips to various sites, wardrobe and hair changes, yada, yada, yada. But 4 hours of time when you include hair, makeup, and travel is not always a luxury people can afford, especially for Senior photography where said senior has a multitude of activities and responsibilities demanding their time. Which leads us to our quick, down and dirty Half Shot Session available for any our portrait sessions.

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a single shot senior session with calla
my year in the miller theater, volume 3

          Welcome to Volume 3 of my Miller time.  In this episode we continue on from the previous volume and continue to explore the projector room, the ever-present front stairwell, add in a new addition in the under the secret yellow room room, and finally start the love affair with roof shots of the city skyline with the always evocative Lamar Building.  We finish with a gorgeous set of photos from our session with Kristen, who pushed us to match the beauty and grace she brought to the table that day.  We hope you enjoy!

pb | rb

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location, location, location

On windy days such as been the case the first two days of this years Master's, it can make me somewhat wistful when it comes to the idea of a photography studio. Through the years I have come across several spaces that have suddenly come available, or in terms of downtown Augusta, spaces that have been vacant for many years, and stood outside of the door, checked every window, checked certain apps on my phone to see when and where the sun rises or sets in relation to those windows and dreamt of what could be.  Enterprise Mill, the White building, that secret room in the Miller Theatre, large, small, and everything in between. I think Rachel has heard the phrase "I think I found it" so many times, well, at this point it has gone beyond any sort of response, even the "yes dear."

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Portrait Photography In Evans, GA: Rebekah

I had barely spoken to her before, but I was desperate to set up a shoot with her. I pass her often in church, a place that is one of her favorites. Her usual attire begins with a t-shirt and a loose bun, ready to hit the volleyball court or wrestle a gaggle of 3 year olds. 

Upon asking her to shoot, it didn't occur to me that she had never modeled before. Meters tall, porcelain skin, and hair for days; in a model-starved town like Augusta, I assumed she was inundated with requests. 

Regardless of her future in the fashion industry, we thoroughly value our time with this understated beauty. 

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Senior Photography in Augusta GA: Kallen

Rachel and I love are jobs for a multitude of reasons, many of which we have expressed in previous posts here on the blog.  One reason, while not explicitly stated yet we hope has come across in our words, is that we get to work with and spend time with some pretty awesome people who come from a myriad of backgrounds.  Compound this with the fact that Augusta is not known for it's always pleasant weather and my penchant to disregard said conditions (much to Rachel's hair and make-up artistry chagrin), we would like to introduce you to Kallen, our latest senior portrait session and young woman extraordinaire. 

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Augusta Portraits: Our dear Miss Anna

Oh, our dear Miss Anna. 

I have known her for five years, which puts her age then at 10. Her mother pulled me aside as we walked into a Kroger, me with a very fresh pixy, and her inquiring where I got my hair done. People ask stylists this question all the time, and my answer quickly diverts them:

"Actually, I am a hairstylist!" I exclaim with a smile. 

No, I did not cut my hair like this. Yes, the person who did cut it had 7 years more experience, and was Vidal Sassoon trained. But, "Actually, I am a hairstylist" diverts them every time. And with this diversion I got one of my favorite, most consistently encouraging clients, and her sweet daughter. 

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Maternity Photography In Evans, GA.

"13 weeks."  

That is what I was just told, so that is what is left.  And no, I did not ask, it was more of a declarative statement on Rachel's part.  Just so that I know.  Officially.  13 weeks.  We officially entered the countdown stage at week 15, Rachel having entered that mental stretch run to the final push.  In recognition of that transition, we decided a little photo session was our next step, so one morning Rachel prepared herself in her usual beautiful manner while I was in charge of deciding the location (behind the Evans Target for those keeping score).

Enjoy the following excerpts, which will be the first of three maternity sessions between now and delivery day.  

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augusta portraits: the miller in monochrome

Just consider this our flashback episode for our adventures so far in The Miller.  In monochrome if you will.  

There is so much to be said for the opportunity that Rachel and I find presented to us in this mystical place, one that we shall not rest our laurels in.  So we invite you to look through this Miller review and then contact us at the bottom for your opportunity to take part in this exclusive backdrop of beauty.

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Portrait Contest in Augusta GA: Adoption fundraiser

Remember this girl?  

If you don't, she is our friend, Karla, and don't I wish I had a photo of her sweet husband, and especially their kids. I am afraid you will have to trust us: they would not leave Norman Rockwell in want. 

Over the last two years, this family has had it's gaze set on the other side of the world, where two children have captured their hearts. This family has fundraised endlessly for the adoption of these littles, and now are on the home stretch of their endeavor to bring them home. 

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Augusta portrait photographer: the wrinkle in our brains

So, if you have been following us for any amount of time, you know that we absolutely love photographing women. When Patrick and I work with women, we work in tandem. I do hair and makeup: I bouf, I djuje (sound it out, people, it's a word;), conceal, enhance, blot, smudge, and the like. Patrick poses, adjusts, contemplates, adjusts again, shoots, and then goes home and edits until way after the sun goes down. We completely love what we do, but we have come across one major issue that continually wrinkles our brain. 


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Destiny fulfilled: Portrait photography in Evans GA

There was once a dress...​

I bought it in anticipation of my wedding, nearly seven years ago now. It was stunning, and in perfect condition for vintage wear. 

Upon fitting, I noticed that it was a bit too long; so I chose to have it hemmed. I was living in Charleston, SC, and really didn't know where to bring it. I made a decision, and it was a bad one. The tulle had jagged cut marks, and the lining was askew. It was in no condition for a wedding. Up into the closet it went, and I wed in a different gown. 

I have carried that dress with me ever since, hoping for an opportunity to don its frothy layers. There have been times when it has fit, and other times when it was... snug (or impossible). This dress deserved at least one last twirl.

Enter Heather...

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Stars without makeup: portrait photography in Augusta, GA

​The before and after: beauty can be found in just about any normal girl.

And sometimes I wonder...

... if those around us have any idea how beautiful we are. 

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There she goes: Glamour photography in Augusta GA

I am pretty sure this song was written about a girl like Crystal. Dressed up or not, Crystal is someone you notice. She is not particularly tall, loud, or ostentatious, but she is warm and bright. Her personality is light as a feather, and an absolute joy to see on my book. But when she is dressed up, her taste is completely impeccable. She and her husband comb the pages of magazines, searching for palatable trends. I love seeing them in photos, bringing fashion and richness to somewhere as mundane as Steak and Shake. 

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Magical: Unique family photography in Augusta GA

There are certain things that define us as a photography studio. I believe this stunning family shoot is a perfect example of what makes us different. 

As we have mentioned before, only a small portion of our family photography is posed. The rest are brilliant candids, reminiscent of movie stills. When viewing certain images, one peeks in on something natural and organic, and still somehow magical.

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Lynn and Kyle: Family photography in Augusta, GA

This couple: I struggle with words concerning them. They are... extraordinary. Generous. Bubbly. Genuine. Honest. Inspiring. Magnetic. Accepting. Lovely. 

And I could go on... but I will let the photos speak. As usual, photography by Patrick, hair and makeup by me. 

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The Anderson Family Part II, Portrait Photograpy in Augusta, Ga.

With today's installemnt from the Anderson Family session, you will find found yourself in the candid portion of the show.  These photos are the wonderful gems that came along as we transitioned from area to area for the posed photos. Here I am simply trying to catch the moments as we walk, as this is where a lot of the personality of everyone comes out.

So many caught my eye, so without further ado here is a small collection of those candids.

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Unique Family Photography in Augusta GA


This time of year we like to mention them with a smile on our lips. I am blessed to have a generally warm family history, with a only a few hiccups along the way (hmm... ok. The use of the word "hiccup" might be a mild choice in this case). Regardless of the road we have traveled, I say with pleasure that I will see all of them this holiday season, and I am elated. 

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Studio 285: Salons in Augusta, GA

Man, my husband makes me look good. 

I told him tonight as we were scrambling to deal with a situation that I wouldn't be able to do what I do, or be who I am without him. And I believe it.

If there is a man alive who brings out the "pretty" in a girl, it is him. I know he is often caught now staring at women, framing them in his mind. He imagines light and angles, determining their best features; all in a matter of moment's encounter. Perhaps some girls would be insecure in a position such as mine, but the reality is that he couldn't be who he is without me, either. No, this isn't some kind of hubris, but it is an acknowledgement of the fact that we are a team: an excellent team. 

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