Portrait Contest in Augusta GA: Adoption fundraiser

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Remember this girl? 


If you don't, she is our friend, Karla, and don't I wish I had a photo of her sweet husband, and especially their kids. I am afraid you will have to trust us: they would not leave Norman Rockwell in want. 

Over the last two years, this family has had it's gaze set on the other side of the world, where two children have captured their hearts. This family has fundraised endlessly for the adoption of these littles, and now are on the home stretch of their endeavor to bring them home. 

Although Patrick and I are bewildered (and maybe even slightly mortified) at the thought of parenting 5 kids, we can say for sure that this family's hand of friendship has been strong and steady in our lives. Patrick decided we should help, and we are asking you, the reader, to get involved. 

So, women, if you have been watching our work, longing to swirl around in a luscious tulle gown...

Men, if you believe your wife would love to spend a day being pampered, getting professionally styled and beautified... 

Mothers, if you would like to see your daughters hailed and dignified as the princess she really is...

Children, if you would love to have heirloom portraits of your mother, the beauty who never seems to take her place in front of the camera...

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Or if you really just love adoption... 

You can give to their adoption fund and have the opportunity to receive:  

A makeover by Rachel Biestman, including premium airbrush makeup application and hairstyling.  

Wardrobe styling, including but not limited to a custom made skirt or gown made to your specific preferences, and jewelry styling by Lindsay Chambers of Noonday Collection

A two-hour photo shoot with Patrick Biestman, on multiple locations*.  

A disc with all of the edited images.  

Session can be redeemed up until January 1, 2014 .

Simply give $10 for one entry, and $25 will get you 3 entries. Simply click  here to purchase your desired ticket amount, and on July 1st we will draw the winning name. ALL proceeds will go to Brent and Karla's adoption fund. Let's help bring them home!


*Locations agreed upon by winner(s) and Acuity Photography.  We are not averse to travel, so feel free to contact us if you are outside the CSRA.