augusta portraits: the miller in monochrome

Just consider this our flashback episode for our adventures so far in The Miller.  In monochrome if you will.  

There is so much to be said for the opportunity that Rachel and I find presented to us in this mystical place, one that we shall not rest our laurels in.  So we invite you to look through this Miller review and then contact us at the bottom for your opportunity to take part in this exclusive backdrop of beauty.

A few selections from our photo session with the lovely Miss Ashley. Her patience with us was amazing, an absolute joy to work with. Plus she was the first to teach us that climbing the roof ladders was just like a tree stand. Go figure. Her full post can be seen here.

My personal favorite, she just oozes cool. I think it would fantastic on a wall in canvas. A very, very big canvas. Always ensuring she would be the coolest thing in the room. Always.

Miss Kristen and her full post. She was absolutely phenomenal that day, she gave Rachel and I so many unique looks, all stunning.

Our second session with Lindsay, the first here, and this being The Miller session. I seriously think a third session is needed, she has so much beauty to offer it would be a shame not to.

That simple look back creates such a wonderful moment.

Rachel wishes we had taken down the caution tape. I like it though. It nudges her pose into Alfred Hitchcock territory in my brain.

We originally shot Emily for her senior photos here and battled the rain along the way. While happy with the results, we thought we could take it a step further. And as you can see here, we are so happy we did.

Our muse over the years, the illustrious Miss Mary. Outside of Rachel, she has been the woman that I have photographed the most over the last several years. She has this wondrous ability to pop up in our radar just when needed with no waver in whatever creative connection we share. Our first Miller session. Mary can also be found on this post and that post.

And of course, there are a few of Rachel from the times I have brought her down on scouting expeditions. I shan't go into all of the superlatives of course for you would find yourself feeling embarrassed for my complete sappy love of this phenomenal woman, just know I am aware of her love for me and I truly appreciate it.

So, whose turn is it next