a half shot senior session with julie


In our natural state, we generally like the long form photography session, what we call our Single Shot Session, spread out over a couple of hours, leisurely walking or taking short trips to various sites, wardrobe and hair changes, yada, yada, yada. But 4 hours of time when you include hair, makeup, and travel is not always a luxury people can afford, especially for Senior photography where said senior has a multitude of activities and responsibilities demanding their time. Which leads us to our quick, down and dirty Half Shot Session available for any our portrait sessions.

So at 45 minutes of photography, hair & makeup being optional add-ons, the Half Shot gets right down to it, which means we decide on a theme (nature/urban/mix) and venue that can provide us with as many possible looks time will allow. For this edition, the wonderful Ms. Julie wanted a bit of field work, which can be difficult to find in Evans, but, the location behind the Family Y does provide interesting field opportunities with some surrounding vistas to add some variety to the session.

And so we begin with the main field…


…and move on to one of the many side fields quickly followed by utilizing the landscaping of a nearby doctor’s office…


…and followed by the main square of the main building, which has one of the stinkiest trashcans we have come across…


…finally finishing by another side field and it’s tree line. It was a great 45 minutes with Julie, and it could be a great 45 minutes with you if you can’t spare a full 4 hours, so check out our Half Session, look below for more of our Senior Sessions, or take a further gander at what our blog has to offer.