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Evans GA Glamour Photographers: Jessica

Months ago we did a fundraiser for our friends, to help them bring their two youngest children safely home from Africa. Our friend Jessica won that fundraiser, and we finally were able to get our schedules coordinated for a photo session. 

Fresh from Italy, Jessica joined us on one of the hundreds of chilliest days here in Augusta, GA. She stood strong as we shivered around her, remaining calm as my own fingers turned blue. Thank you, Jessica, so working so hard to help us capture so many stunning images of your sweetest self. We Biestmans are delighted to call you a friend. 

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augusta portraits: the miller in monochrome

Just consider this our flashback episode for our adventures so far in The Miller.  In monochrome if you will.  

There is so much to be said for the opportunity that Rachel and I find presented to us in this mystical place, one that we shall not rest our laurels in.  So we invite you to look through this Miller review and then contact us at the bottom for your opportunity to take part in this exclusive backdrop of beauty.

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Simple knotted updo: Formal hair in Augusta GA

Good morning, everyone! It has been a long, busy week, but I hope you will find these tutorials useful either today or in the future!

This last tutorial is a full-on updo. First, I set my hair with a 1" barrel curling iron. This one, curling away from my face...

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A bit about blush... wedding makeup in augusta, ga

'Tis true, I have a thing for makeup. I wouldn't call it an "obsession;" but as I have chosen it for a profession, I do have more than the average girl. 

Perhaps people imagine me with makeup coming out of everywhere: individual pots of shimmer and sheen that travel with me always. Although I am bogged down with more blue eye shadow than a girl could ever need, I really don't care to bring much with me when I go to a gig. For instance, I know that the likelihood of a bride wanting a heavy swipe of my Nars Arabian Nights Trio is slim at best, so I don't bother to bring it. 

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Stars without makeup: portrait photography in Augusta, GA

​The before and after: beauty can be found in just about any normal girl.

And sometimes I wonder...

... if those around us have any idea how beautiful we are. 

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Airbrush Makeup in Augusta, GA: An Enigma

Here in Augusta, the "peculiar" are easily sussed out. Like ants who have diverged from formation, we wander around trying to find our place, hoping that people will ask us to do something that we like best (holding heavy things, painting, building sets, etc.).  

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Per Example: Glamour Photography in Augusta, GA

I knew from Facebook that she was getting very much into running, and when she walked into kids' church to pick up her daughter in a very hot pair of skinny jeans and heels a few weekends ago; the stylist in me took over. She looked perfectly confident, and just lovely. I approached her about a glamour shoot later that week, and she agreed!

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