Augusta portrait photographer: the wrinkle in our brains

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So, if you have been following us for any amount of time, you know that we absolutely love photographing women. When Patrick and I work with women, we work in tandem. I do hair and makeup: I bouf, I djuje (sound it out, people, it's a word;), conceal, enhance, blot, smudge, and the like. Patrick poses, adjusts, contemplates, adjusts again, shoots, and then goes home and edits until way after the sun goes down. We completely love what we do, but we have come across one major issue that continually wrinkles our brain. 


Now, don't get us wrong: y'all are looking really cute, Augusta. Sincerely. But what is a girl to do with all of that surplus fabric hanging off of you? I know we girls feel like we can just "let it all hang out" in those flowing maxis and rivers of sheer polyester, but the appeal just doesn't seem to translate in an image. Trust us. Stylish? Sure. Like the timeless woman your children and grandchildren will remember? No. Not very much at all. 

So taking some inspiration from those who have gone before, we decided to take care of some of the wardrobe issues ourselves. We are pretty pleased with the results.  


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I took about a month between clients to make this skirt. It consists of 30 yards of tulle, 1500 yards of thread, and if patience could be measured in yards- from here to the moon. I think my sweet friend, Morgan, wears it very well. 

Morgan3 (1).jpg
Morgan1 (1).jpg
Morgan2 (3).jpg

So, what do you think? Would you wear something like this for a photoshoot? Something exquisite? Something that makes you feel like both a woman and a daydreaming little girl at the same time? 

We hope so, because we are making more. 

Morgan (4).jpg