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a half shot family session with the eubanks

I have had the honor recently to work with the Augusta University Pediatric Unit in photographing some of their patients with amazing stories and the Eubanks family and Lion’s story was the latest. You can read more about it here on the Pediatric Triumphs page for Augusta University Health. The session was our Half Shot Session, our version of what most call a mini session, and run about 45 minutes with the goal of highlighting Lion and the support from his lovely family. With a limited amount of time we stayed right on the campus outside of the Pediatric building, but tried to utilize the uniqueness of our environment to the best of our abilities. We started out on the street side of the building…

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about us series, volume 1

I hate the "About Us" portion of website work, entrepreneurship, promotion, whatever you would like to call it because I basically don't like to talk about myself, hence one of the reasons I like to "hide" behind the camera. Which, when you are a transplant to a community and trying to build a business, brand, and reputation, can cause you some issues. 

So, as we are currently working on a website revamp (I totally realize how bloated and convoluted the site has become, and I am sorry) and I have come to that period in time where I have to formulate the About Us section in a way that is clear and concise (not my strong suit as you will find out), why not use the blog as a way to explore our photography, ourselves, our philosophies, and use it as a tool to tell you a bit more about us and how we view and do what we do. Then, maybe I will be able to condense something down into a quick tidbit suitable for all the website developers that constantly contact me about my "web presence."

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a little update for our portrait sessions

We have two new offerings when it comes to our portrait sessions and an updated Product Guide to share with you. We are excited to offer our Double Shot and Triple Shot packages that offer significant savings while offering greater flexibility to meet your needs. Combine our Single Shot packages in any combo you would like, so a maybe a Senior/Family(Spring)/Family(Holiday) grouping or Couples/Boudoir/Portrait grouping, or any other mix and match you can think of.  Thank you for taking a look and we look forward to working with you!

pb rb

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Welcome Back And A Little Gift For The New Year

It's been awhile since I have found myself sitting here having the opportunity to share what has been going on in our little corner of the world and it is good to be back.  While Rachel has dropped in every now and then to let you know what has been happening, it's time that I step up to the plate as Rachel's plate overfloweth.  She has been absolutely bringing it over the last several months, working at the salon, redesigning her website which includes a new clothing shop, continuing to pioneer the wedding hair/makeup market here in Augusta as well as being an extraordinary mother/daughter/sister/wife/friend for all of those that have the privilege.  And from time to time, being my willing subject in front of the camera.

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Family Photography in Evans GA: Time Has Flown

Four months after the fact, here she is. 

It isn't that we have been reluctant to share her with the world, but it is simply that time has flown. She is... everything. 

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Augusta GA Family Photography: bravest we know

Patrick and I are expecting our second child this fall, and we could not be happier. Six years will divide the two of our little ones, and as far as we can see: our second child will complete our family. 

We bustle around the house in preparation, once again imagining all of the primary colored apparatuses that will fill our living room. We will move the love seat out of our bedroom to accommodate a crib, and we still haven't decided whether cloth or disposable diapers will smell up our existence. We are excited, anxiously waiting the day an 8 lbs. child will once again wreck "our" lives. 

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Augusta GA Family Photography: Paris Family

I study faces. Hair first, and then a deep examination of the face. We might be talking intently about our children, but in the silence I am wondering how I would apply her eye shadow. The reality is, the season in which i live is shared by women who wear little more that mascara and lipgloss. We are working hard. We are raising children. We don't give much time to primping and prepping, except maybe on Sundays. 

J and I met during a book study, and I caught myself inspecting her deep-set eyes while she was speaking to someone else. I don't believe makeup is necessary for looking beautiful (as I probably wasn't wearing any at the time, either), I just like to imagine what I would do with someone's face if I had the opportunity to make it up.  

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Augusta GA Family Photographers: Smitten

A year ago we did portraits of this beautiful family, and this year they asked us back again.

In a word: smitten.

The Andersons are a treasure to us, and finding them was as likely as pulling a pearl out of a smelly oyster, or a diamond in a lump of black coal. Patrick met Mrs. Anderson during his coffee days, and from under the brim of his hat he convinced her that he was legit across the drive thru. 

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Evans GA Family Photographer: heart strings interwoven


These two... 

It is not easy at 5 AM to look at two faces and pinpoint the exact succession of words I should use to describe our time with them. This is especially true in this case for so many reasons, including the fact that this shoot happened about a month ago. 

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Portrait Contest in Augusta GA: Adoption fundraiser

Remember this girl?  

If you don't, she is our friend, Karla, and don't I wish I had a photo of her sweet husband, and especially their kids. I am afraid you will have to trust us: they would not leave Norman Rockwell in want. 

Over the last two years, this family has had it's gaze set on the other side of the world, where two children have captured their hearts. This family has fundraised endlessly for the adoption of these littles, and now are on the home stretch of their endeavor to bring them home. 

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Augusta GA Family Photographers: heart like an ocean

A softy through and through, this kid melts my heart every time he says "Mrs. Yachel."

I have know his family since Brayden's little beginnings, and my heart expands for him more and more each time I see his sweet face.  

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Magical: Unique family photography in Augusta GA

There are certain things that define us as a photography studio. I believe this stunning family shoot is a perfect example of what makes us different. 

As we have mentioned before, only a small portion of our family photography is posed. The rest are brilliant candids, reminiscent of movie stills. When viewing certain images, one peeks in on something natural and organic, and still somehow magical.

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The Anderson Family Part II, Portrait Photograpy in Augusta, Ga.

With today's installemnt from the Anderson Family session, you will find found yourself in the candid portion of the show.  These photos are the wonderful gems that came along as we transitioned from area to area for the posed photos. Here I am simply trying to catch the moments as we walk, as this is where a lot of the personality of everyone comes out.

So many caught my eye, so without further ado here is a small collection of those candids.

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The Anderson Family Part I, Family Photography in Augusta, Ga.

It can be funny the connections that are made through chance meetings, but there is also something to be said for the connections we make when given the opportunity day in and day out.  And this would be one of those stories.

Many of you may know that I work part-time at a local coffee establishment that provides full medical benefits for only working 20 hours a week: a huge benefit for myself and my family.  However, one of the other benefits from that scant 20 hours a week is the ability to meet and connect with some truly wonderful people (and sometimes bombard them with business cards extolling the virtues of what Rachel and I truly love to do).  We won't go into detail about Jamie's daily addiction, but suffice it to say I see her and her wonderful children on their way to school at least 4 times a week.  She and her children every morning are some of the nicest people I come across, so it was an easy conversation to start about photography. As fate would have it, she was looking for a photographer for this year's family photos.  I still feel so truly blessed to have had this opportunity to work with such a beautiful family, and I can't wait to work with them for years to come.

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Unique Family Photography in Augusta GA


This time of year we like to mention them with a smile on our lips. I am blessed to have a generally warm family history, with a only a few hiccups along the way (hmm... ok. The use of the word "hiccup" might be a mild choice in this case). Regardless of the road we have traveled, I say with pleasure that I will see all of them this holiday season, and I am elated. 

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The Price Family, Family Photography in Evans, GA

​To keep in theme with the last blog entry, I present to you a family photo session with the wonderful Price family at the Evans Library and Amphitheater.  Over the years it has seemingly become one of Evan's locations of choice for family photography, nearly as much as the old train depot downtown has become stock amongst photographers.  However, it's an absolutely sublime location that offers an abundance of different backdrops to work with. It also allows for a nice stroll around the lake, as long as it is not summer in Augusta (at which point you don't even want to breathe, let alone saunter).  But as you will see, I believe the photos stand out for those who are familiar with the location, as one would be hard pressed to find any of these images repetitious in regard to other photographers.  Mastering this lens results in shots with alluring focus wherever I choose, and what remains is aesthetically organic (not contrived later in Photoshop). 

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