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my year in the miller theater, volume 6

Welcome back, it’s been awhile since I checked in with this little run down memory lane, thank you Mr. Compressed Vertebral Disc. But, as we have decided to mend our relationship and travel down recovery road, don’t mind us as we take a detour down the aforementioned lane. As for the theater itself, a little inside, a little outside, some close details and some wide expanses. On the portrait front, we inject a little pin-up flavor with the lovely Jessica. Onward we go…

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my year in the miller theater, volume 3

          Welcome to Volume 3 of my Miller time.  In this episode we continue on from the previous volume and continue to explore the projector room, the ever-present front stairwell, add in a new addition in the under the secret yellow room room, and finally start the love affair with roof shots of the city skyline with the always evocative Lamar Building.  We finish with a gorgeous set of photos from our session with Kristen, who pushed us to match the beauty and grace she brought to the table that day.  We hope you enjoy!

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a little update for our portrait sessions

We have two new offerings when it comes to our portrait sessions and an updated Product Guide to share with you. We are excited to offer our Double Shot and Triple Shot packages that offer significant savings while offering greater flexibility to meet your needs. Combine our Single Shot packages in any combo you would like, so a maybe a Senior/Family(Spring)/Family(Holiday) grouping or Couples/Boudoir/Portrait grouping, or any other mix and match you can think of.  Thank you for taking a look and we look forward to working with you!

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