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Portrait Photography In Evans, GA: Rebekah

I had barely spoken to her before, but I was desperate to set up a shoot with her. I pass her often in church, a place that is one of her favorites. Her usual attire begins with a t-shirt and a loose bun, ready to hit the volleyball court or wrestle a gaggle of 3 year olds. 

Upon asking her to shoot, it didn't occur to me that she had never modeled before. Meters tall, porcelain skin, and hair for days; in a model-starved town like Augusta, I assumed she was inundated with requests. 

Regardless of her future in the fashion industry, we thoroughly value our time with this understated beauty. 

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Glamour Photography in Augusta GA: Jessica

At times when you meet someone it may be hard to know where your relationship may go.  Jessica and I met almost 8 years ago during my Starbucks District Manager days, and it did not have an auspicious beginning.  Not to denigrate anyone, but let's just say the leadership around the store was a bit immature and led to some humorous (and not so humorous) moments.  

One such moment occurred when I was called in to talk with a young woman who refused to remove her custom nail manicure: a "no-no" in the food service industry.  As is usually the case in these moments, simple communication was at the core of the problem. With that connection I discovered a passion of Jessica's, America's Next Top Model.

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Augusta Portraits: Our dear Miss Anna

Oh, our dear Miss Anna. 

I have known her for five years, which puts her age then at 10. Her mother pulled me aside as we walked into a Kroger, me with a very fresh pixy, and her inquiring where I got my hair done. People ask stylists this question all the time, and my answer quickly diverts them:

"Actually, I am a hairstylist!" I exclaim with a smile. 

No, I did not cut my hair like this. Yes, the person who did cut it had 7 years more experience, and was Vidal Sassoon trained. But, "Actually, I am a hairstylist" diverts them every time. And with this diversion I got one of my favorite, most consistently encouraging clients, and her sweet daughter. 

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Portrait Photography in Augusta GA: feeling like Rachel

I remember- 

Six years ago I was very pregnant with our son, and I remember being very surprised by this photo. I remember working all day, and occasionally looking in the mirror. I was proud that I had curled my mistake of a short haircut, proud that I had attempted an accessory or two, and overall relieved that I had very little time left carrying our firstborn. I remember seeing this photo, and becoming overwhelmed by the fact that I still looked like me. 

I felt similarly when I saw this image two days ago...

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Augusta GA Portrait Photography: Crystal in a mood

This is Crystal, and if you are familiar with the blog you have seen her before. Crystal is usually cute, sweet, and full of sunshine. However this afternoon we made her moody and sultry- a little less California, and a bit more NYC. We love giving women the opportunity to show their extraordinary. 

Here is Crystal, kindergarten teacher by day, and someone perfectly transformed by night. 

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Portrait Contest in Augusta GA: Adoption fundraiser

Remember this girl?  

If you don't, she is our friend, Karla, and don't I wish I had a photo of her sweet husband, and especially their kids. I am afraid you will have to trust us: they would not leave Norman Rockwell in want. 

Over the last two years, this family has had it's gaze set on the other side of the world, where two children have captured their hearts. This family has fundraised endlessly for the adoption of these littles, and now are on the home stretch of their endeavor to bring them home. 

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Evans GA Maternity Photography: Light, timber, and trespassing

Kind. Generous. Thoughtful. Caring. Beautiful. Nostalgic. Creative. Absolutely freaking hilarious.  

And pregnant.  


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Stars without makeup: portrait photography in Augusta, GA

​The before and after: beauty can be found in just about any normal girl.

And sometimes I wonder...

... if those around us have any idea how beautiful we are. 

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There she goes: Glamour photography in Augusta GA

I am pretty sure this song was written about a girl like Crystal. Dressed up or not, Crystal is someone you notice. She is not particularly tall, loud, or ostentatious, but she is warm and bright. Her personality is light as a feather, and an absolute joy to see on my book. But when she is dressed up, her taste is completely impeccable. She and her husband comb the pages of magazines, searching for palatable trends. I love seeing them in photos, bringing fashion and richness to somewhere as mundane as Steak and Shake. 

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Lynn and Kyle: Family photography in Augusta, GA

This couple: I struggle with words concerning them. They are... extraordinary. Generous. Bubbly. Genuine. Honest. Inspiring. Magnetic. Accepting. Lovely. 

And I could go on... but I will let the photos speak. As usual, photography by Patrick, hair and makeup by me. 

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Unique Family Photography in Augusta GA


This time of year we like to mention them with a smile on our lips. I am blessed to have a generally warm family history, with a only a few hiccups along the way (hmm... ok. The use of the word "hiccup" might be a mild choice in this case). Regardless of the road we have traveled, I say with pleasure that I will see all of them this holiday season, and I am elated. 

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There's Something About Mary: Glamour Photography in Augusta, GA

There truly is something about Mary (actually, many things), and it is an absolute joy to shoot with her.  Now I won't get all Ben Stiller on you when it comes to Mary, even though she would be well at home in a Farrelly brothers movie. But as a photographer, she has all of the characteristics of a lifelong muse.  Rachel and I have had the chance to shoot with Mary on a number of occasions, including a downtown session, several times at our first studio, as well as a rest stop off of I-20.​  We've done short hair, long hair, and even cornrows which reminded me of that Madonna music video (minus all of the leather outfits and such).  She's been on the website, now the blog, and several incarnations of our business cards.  So, consider this your official introduction to her, and be prepared to see updates throughout the next several years. When Rachel and I want to experiment with something new, we can always count on Mary.

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Airbrush Makeup in Augusta, GA: An Enigma

Here in Augusta, the "peculiar" are easily sussed out. Like ants who have diverged from formation, we wander around trying to find our place, hoping that people will ask us to do something that we like best (holding heavy things, painting, building sets, etc.).  

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Per Example: Glamour Photography in Augusta, GA

I knew from Facebook that she was getting very much into running, and when she walked into kids' church to pick up her daughter in a very hot pair of skinny jeans and heels a few weekends ago; the stylist in me took over. She looked perfectly confident, and just lovely. I approached her about a glamour shoot later that week, and she agreed!

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Portrait Studio in Augusta, GA: On Beauty

But how much does all of this have to do with beauty? When I surveyed some of my friends, very few of them mentioned anything about physicality. Most of them, in fact, responded with more ambient qualities such as “contentment,” “strength,” “poise,” or “the way a run makes me feel.” If these answers are honest, then what is going on in my chair? How are we supporting our family with this “beauty” profession? 

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