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Destiny fulfilled: Portrait photography in Evans GA

There was once a dress...​

I bought it in anticipation of my wedding, nearly seven years ago now. It was stunning, and in perfect condition for vintage wear. 

Upon fitting, I noticed that it was a bit too long; so I chose to have it hemmed. I was living in Charleston, SC, and really didn't know where to bring it. I made a decision, and it was a bad one. The tulle had jagged cut marks, and the lining was askew. It was in no condition for a wedding. Up into the closet it went, and I wed in a different gown. 

I have carried that dress with me ever since, hoping for an opportunity to don its frothy layers. There have been times when it has fit, and other times when it was... snug (or impossible). This dress deserved at least one last twirl.

Enter Heather...

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Studio 285: Salons in Augusta, GA

Man, my husband makes me look good. 

I told him tonight as we were scrambling to deal with a situation that I wouldn't be able to do what I do, or be who I am without him. And I believe it.

If there is a man alive who brings out the "pretty" in a girl, it is him. I know he is often caught now staring at women, framing them in his mind. He imagines light and angles, determining their best features; all in a matter of moment's encounter. Perhaps some girls would be insecure in a position such as mine, but the reality is that he couldn't be who he is without me, either. No, this isn't some kind of hubris, but it is an acknowledgement of the fact that we are a team: an excellent team. 

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