a single shot senior session with calla


And this is the beautiful Ms. Calla, a senior we are honored to have had the opportunity to take on a little jaunt along the roads of Evans for her senior session. A little mix of some familiar locations remixed a bit with some new “we’re taking pictures where?” locations. And without further ado, we’ll jump into what has become somewhat of a launchpad location for me, the backside of our local gym. It has turned out to be a convenient location for that first 15 minutes where we get to know each other and what it feels like to have a camera thrust into your face and I get to see how the reaction. But if you will note, we got a few new angles and vistas thrown in at the end as it can be a versatile little space.

Boom, and we are back to a rock…in the parking lot of the gym. A bit of a revisit for me, but Calla and I worked together to put her spin on the location. Once done here, we were off to…


…across the street from the rock. This was a bit of an impromptu section of the festivities as we were walking back to the cars to move on to the next location when I noticed this field and off we went across the street. The construction and remnants of the building in the background was a bit of an issue, but overall we worked around it or simply didn’t care because the shallow DOF made sure to put Calla in the fore. The last bit happened as we were walking back to the cars. The tree line across the street always fascinates me, and I had the long telephoto with me to isolate her from the surroundings, so I tried to place her with what I thought the light would catch in the background and make a unique backdrop. With the growth rate and everyone’s propensity to cut down a whole lot of trees to put up some sort of aftercare or plastic surgery place that no one needs, I feel the these tree’s time to shine is limited. Yes, you all are fucking up Fury’s Ferry Road. But off my soapbox and on to…


…of all places, a lay down area for a civil works project off of Evan’s to Lock right before the train tracks. Who doesn’t like a beautiful model in overgrown shrubbery? I think it worked out well, and it may a good spot to check out come winter when it’s in its skeletal state. There is a tree I have been eyeballing. Next, we traveled on down the road to…


…the backside of the corner Walgreens to enjoy some wood, brick, and metal textures. While not quite a dumpster enclosure, it was pretty close enough to satisfy my proclivity. And those roll top metal doors are hard to find outside of storage facilities, but if you search enough you can find some good ones colored in unique ways. Light was going fast at this point, so we had to boogey on down…


…Stallings Middle and take advantage of some that lovely stonework. This marks the 3rd time I have used this as a backdrop, as well as a one time documenting for the civil works company responsible for the building, and this is probably the last time I will use it. All in all, I think Calla rocked it and it is a good way to go out on this building.

Rachel provided hair, makeup, and assisted when needed.

We would love to thank Bev, Calla’s mom for contacting us, and of course Calla, who was elegant in stature and attitude throughout.