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Evans GA Glamour Photographers: Jessica

Months ago we did a fundraiser for our friends, to help them bring their two youngest children safely home from Africa. Our friend Jessica won that fundraiser, and we finally were able to get our schedules coordinated for a photo session. 

Fresh from Italy, Jessica joined us on one of the hundreds of chilliest days here in Augusta, GA. She stood strong as we shivered around her, remaining calm as my own fingers turned blue. Thank you, Jessica, so working so hard to help us capture so many stunning images of your sweetest self. We Biestmans are delighted to call you a friend. 

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Augusta ga Glamour photographers: Art in the stillness


We can say so much for weddings, as we have many of them this fall. We love big budgets, silk gowns, and smiles for days. We enjoy people; family and friends who fill up every pixel of a captured moment. Patterned and busy, in this age of pinterest we all work so hard to create a theme that drips down walls, and spills over tables. Weddings are about the bride and groom (and we try so hard as photographers to make it that way), but they are also about everyone else. The men, maids, relatives, and friends; it is about those who came before, but also the ones who come later. "This was my wedding." What an honor it is to curate those memories.

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Augusta portrait photographer: the wrinkle in our brains

So, if you have been following us for any amount of time, you know that we absolutely love photographing women. When Patrick and I work with women, we work in tandem. I do hair and makeup: I bouf, I djuje (sound it out, people, it's a word;), conceal, enhance, blot, smudge, and the like. Patrick poses, adjusts, contemplates, adjusts again, shoots, and then goes home and edits until way after the sun goes down. We completely love what we do, but we have come across one major issue that continually wrinkles our brain. 


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Destiny fulfilled: Portrait photography in Evans GA

There was once a dress...​

I bought it in anticipation of my wedding, nearly seven years ago now. It was stunning, and in perfect condition for vintage wear. 

Upon fitting, I noticed that it was a bit too long; so I chose to have it hemmed. I was living in Charleston, SC, and really didn't know where to bring it. I made a decision, and it was a bad one. The tulle had jagged cut marks, and the lining was askew. It was in no condition for a wedding. Up into the closet it went, and I wed in a different gown. 

I have carried that dress with me ever since, hoping for an opportunity to don its frothy layers. There have been times when it has fit, and other times when it was... snug (or impossible). This dress deserved at least one last twirl.

Enter Heather...

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Easiest ever half up tutorial... Wedding hair in Augusta GA

Although I do feel like a bit of a "star" in front of my husband's camera, and perhaps I on occasion wear a bit more makeup than is required by a Tuesday morning; there are only a rare few events when we girls get to dress up beyond a certain age. I am privileged to be a part of a church where volunteers are treated like starlets one night each January, and Friday night is the night. Friday night is the "Big Show." 

By now, all of us have purchased dresses (or borrowed them from a girlfriend's closet), fitted our dancing shoes, and we are all thinking of how our hair and makeup will compliment our ensembles (and if you weren't, and now you are panicking, you are welcome;). As per tradition, I am bringing a few tutorials to the table, hoping to make the hair and makeup part just a bit simpler.

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There's Something About Mary: Glamour Photography in Augusta, GA

There truly is something about Mary (actually, many things), and it is an absolute joy to shoot with her.  Now I won't get all Ben Stiller on you when it comes to Mary, even though she would be well at home in a Farrelly brothers movie. But as a photographer, she has all of the characteristics of a lifelong muse.  Rachel and I have had the chance to shoot with Mary on a number of occasions, including a downtown session, several times at our first studio, as well as a rest stop off of I-20.​  We've done short hair, long hair, and even cornrows which reminded me of that Madonna music video (minus all of the leather outfits and such).  She's been on the website, now the blog, and several incarnations of our business cards.  So, consider this your official introduction to her, and be prepared to see updates throughout the next several years. When Rachel and I want to experiment with something new, we can always count on Mary.

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Airbrush Makeup in Augusta, GA: An Enigma

Here in Augusta, the "peculiar" are easily sussed out. Like ants who have diverged from formation, we wander around trying to find our place, hoping that people will ask us to do something that we like best (holding heavy things, painting, building sets, etc.).  

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Portrait Studio in Augusta, GA: On Beauty

But how much does all of this have to do with beauty? When I surveyed some of my friends, very few of them mentioned anything about physicality. Most of them, in fact, responded with more ambient qualities such as “contentment,” “strength,” “poise,” or “the way a run makes me feel.” If these answers are honest, then what is going on in my chair? How are we supporting our family with this “beauty” profession? 

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