Senior Photography in Augusta GA: Kallen

Rachel and I love are jobs for a multitude of reasons, many of which we have expressed in previous posts here on the blog.  One reason, while not explicitly stated yet we hope has come across in our words, is that we get to work with and spend time with some pretty awesome people who come from a myriad of backgrounds.  Compound this with the fact that Augusta is not known for it's always pleasant weather and my penchant to disregard said conditions (much to Rachel's hair and make-up artistry chagrin), we would like to introduce you to Kallen, our latest senior portrait session and young woman extraordinaire. 

We split our session over two days, which was no mean feat considering the schedule that  Kallen and her busy family keep.  Kallen is a phenomenal softball player for Aquinas High School here in Augusta. As any of you locals know, this is a baseball/softball town; when it gets serious you can bet your bottom dollar free time is a hard thing to come by.  

And did I mention the weather?  Of the two days, our "cool" day was a high of 90 degrees, 9 degrees cooler than the "are you kidding me I'm melting out here" day.  This is all simply to set the stage for the photos that you see here of an intelligent, multi-faceted senior who could blow a ball by virtually anyone in this town (77 strikeouts as of this write-up, 40 more than the closest pitcher).  We hope you appreciate the cool exhibited by Kallen during this shoot and join us in wishing her continued success in her college playing career.  Even though we are totally jealous she get's to go to Hawaii for two weeks for spring training.