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a single shot senior session with calla
a quick walk with mary

I don’t know, is it safe to say my wife stalks women? Ogles them? Has thoughts of running her hands through their hair? Is this beginning to sound like one of those letters to the forum in a dirty mag from 80’s/90’s? Will Rachel (wife/makeup artist/hairstylist/wardrobe coordinator/photo assistant/general badass) and Mary (the beautiful young lady gracing this post above and below) appreciate the opening lead-in down Penthouse forum lane? Probably not, but I don’t think either would be surprised…

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Riverstone, Photographs Of A (Much) Warmer Time

So this is a little quick blog as my mind attempts to wrap itself around the next couple of blogs which will be a bit more, well, personal with just a hint of NSFW-ness.  But we are here, in the now, and that now to be honest is quite cold.  As I write this at 5:00a this morning, I am thinking about the my last two winters which at times would involve getting up this early, packing a lunch, eating a large breakfast, drinking copious amount of coffee, and then layer upon thermal layer of clothes to survive the day as I climbed in and out of 5-20 foot deep trenches which were invariably 5-10* cooler than the topside all while doing my best not to get in the way of the men who were actually working in this environment day in/day out.

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Maternity Photography In Evans, GA.

"13 weeks."  

That is what I was just told, so that is what is left.  And no, I did not ask, it was more of a declarative statement on Rachel's part.  Just so that I know.  Officially.  13 weeks.  We officially entered the countdown stage at week 15, Rachel having entered that mental stretch run to the final push.  In recognition of that transition, we decided a little photo session was our next step, so one morning Rachel prepared herself in her usual beautiful manner while I was in charge of deciding the location (behind the Evans Target for those keeping score).

Enjoy the following excerpts, which will be the first of three maternity sessions between now and delivery day.  

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Evans GA Portrait Photography: the deepest well


Being gone for a week can, and usually does cause the weary traveler to declare "I need a vacation from my vacation." We tried so hard to keep work at home, and we were successful most days. The only problem is that a to-do list deferred maketh the mind a bit overwhelmed. Fortunately, working these two friendly faces into a blog post was task #1. 

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