There she goes: Glamour photography in Augusta GA

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There she goes...
There she goes again...
— The La's, circa 1988

I am pretty sure this song was written about a girl like Crystal. Dressed up or not, Crystal is someone you notice. She is not particularly tall, loud, or ostentatious, but she is warm and bright. Her personality is light as a feather, and an absolute joy to see on my book. But when she is dressed up, her taste is completely impeccable. She and her husband comb the pages of magazines, searching for palatable trends. I love seeing them in photos, bringing fashion and richness to somewhere as mundane as Steak and Shake. 

For this shoot I was inspired by her polka-dotted peplum dress, and decided to go for something a bit more classic: molded and then pulled curls, an understated eye, sculpted cheeks, and a bold lip.

As per usual, hair and makeup by Rachel, photography by Patrick.

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