Evans GA Maternity Photography: Light, timber, and trespassing


Kind. Generous. Thoughtful. Caring. Beautiful. Nostalgic. Creative. Absolutely freaking hilarious.  

augusta ga maternity photography

And pregnant.  

Lindsay so graciously allowed us to document her pregnancy, and then share it with "the world." 

We don't need to explain to anyone how exciting pregnancy can be, neither is any woman unaware of how strange the metamorphosis of girl to mother is. Some of us decide that every moment must be catalogued, while others choose to consider it just a bit more private and sacred. It is no surprise to us that Lindsay is among the latter of the two. 

Considering the honor of it all, Rachel fashioned some floral crowns, and Patrick scoured the Evans area for the perfect combination of light and timber. After an hour in the studio for some boudoir shots, we went out to enjoy the perfect sun, trespassing, and this glorious girl. Enjoy!


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