Glamour Photography in Augusta GA: Jessica

At times when you meet someone it may be hard to know where your relationship may go.  Jessica and I met almost 8 years ago during my Starbucks District Manager days, and it did not have an auspicious beginning.  Not to denigrate anyone, but let's just say the leadership around the store was a bit immature and led to some humorous (and not so humorous) moments.  

One such moment occurred when I was called in to talk with a young woman who refused to remove her custom nail manicure: a "no-no" in the food service industry.  As is usually the case in these moments, simple communication was at the core of the problem. With that connection I discovered a passion of Jessica's, America's Next Top Model.

Suffice it to say, we have both moved past our coffee jerk days and on to bigger and better things.  And while Jessica has not made it to America's Next Top Model, I selfishly admit that I am honored to have the ability to photograph such a beautiful, thoughtful, truly unique and engaging woman here in lil' ol' Augusta.  And who knows, someday down the road I may get contracted for mani-pedi photography, and I know who is at the top of the shortlist for models...