Evans Portait Photography: resources everywhere

This is my friend, Cara, and we share a small plot of land in the back of a salon in Evans, GA. 

I asked her to shoot with us as a part of a photo project we are working on, as she is one of the prettiest people I know. 

In looking over these images, in speaking with other stylists, and in having experience in several other salons; I am reminded of just how great I have it. 9-5 salon life can be brutal, and yet this group of girls make it bearable, and sometimes sublime. 

When in need, it is easy to look around and see nothing. Since we began this photo journey 6 years ago, our artists' lifestyle has often led us into what felt like a barren land. In retrospect, and often in the moment, we see resources- 

-we see resources everywhere. 

We see provision in the desert. We see intuition that has saved us thousands of dollars. We see friends who are willing to help, and we observe that they share our passion for our future. 

And we are grateful. 



Cara (19).jpg