my year in the miller theater, volume 6

my year at the miller-2.jpg

Welcome back, it’s been awhile since I checked in with this little run down memory lane, thank you Mr. Compressed Vertebral Disc. But, as we have decided to mend our relationship and travel down recovery road, don’t mind us as we take a detour down the aforementioned lane. As for the theater itself, a little inside, a little outside, some close details and some wide expanses. On the portrait front, we inject a little pin-up flavor with the lovely Jessica. Onward we go…

the miller

Notes: Seating has improved quite a bit since this | Pipe line | A little fun with the fisheye | Have I mentioned the rust before? | Sunset lines again | The lovely main staircase looking a bit ominous | Cloudy sunset time and the Miller’s environs | Rust and rot details

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dates: 7.12.13 | 8.3.13 | 8.12.13 | 8.25.13 | 9.1.13 | 9.7.13

lens: 15mm2.8 | 20mm2.8 | 50mm1.4 | 135mm.2.0

the portraits: jessica s.

Jessica contacted us for a portrait session with a bit of a pin-up theme, and we were happy to bring her beauty to The Miller. A little balcony work, some use of the mirrors in the lady’s anteroom, and some roof work to round it out. Please enjoy!

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date: 3.11.14

lens: 50mm1.4