a quick dance with mary


We upped the ante a bit with our latest little trip with Ms. Mary. If you remember our last visit with Mary, we had a nice leisurely walk around the government buildings, library, and of course, trash containers. This session started out similar as we started out in the back of the Evans Fitness Center near the trash containers to take a moment to get familiar again with the process. However, you will notice a little foreshadowing to later events as she brought a touch of her dance moves into the back wall portion of the session below.


After getting back into the groove behind the fitness center, we took it on down the street to a nice row of hedges and quite comedically in a story that shall remain between those involved, a retaining wall and rather flimsy chain link fence.


After a little bit of wall work and cursing of a flimsy fence, we came across this nice little framed area that Mary turned into a nice little dance floor to show a few of her moves.


Coming to the end, we made two stops. The first was a little strip of land that earlier in the week was full of blossoms but had unfortunately been stripped down by the time we got to it, but we were able to salvage some interesting shots utilizing the unique landscape in combo with Mary’s stunning looks.


And lastly, we finished up down by the river as the sun set on the nearby railroad tracksand kayakers floated by. We hope you enjoy our little journey here as much as we did and we can’t wait for what a third journey might entail.