Augusta GA portrait photographers: Muse and Majesty

portfoliomary 8.jpg

So, we have been given an incredibly unique photo opportunity involving the procurement of the keys to one of the most majestic buildings in town. We have been dying to shoot someone there, and as usual we have leaned on our muse, Mary. 


Once I feel I have done just about everything to sweet Mary's hair and face... the moment I am sure she has exhausted every facial and bodily expression, she surprises me. She brought her "A-game," and again blew me away. But then again, one can't help but "bring it" in a building like this. It is enough to take your breath away. 

portfolio 2.jpg
portfoliomary 10.jpg

Although the contents of this building could give us work for a year, the roof is also pretty spectacular. Dying to shoot here as well? We can make that happen. Fill out a contact form, and we will gladly work with you!

portfoliomary 15.jpg
portfoliomary 13.jpg
portfoliomary 17.jpg