it's not always going to be perfect...


...and that's ok.  Sometimes Rachel get's a bee in her bonnet to shoot a non-commissioned session.  She got a new bit of makeup, a new hairstyle she wants to try out, a new dress she found, or maybe someone from church who's hair she's been eyeballin' or face she want's to try that new makeup on.  This photo session with Susannah would nicely fit into several of those categories.  But as you may know from the previous blog post, I often don't like to repeat myself when it comes to a session, so what do I do when I have my pick of locations for a session with a client who is along for the ride?  Well duh, how about behind the Big Lots and Home Depot parking lot?  Isn't that what you were thinking?!?

The Big Lots Portion

So now it becomes a challenge of skills and creativity.  Gorgeous client with loads of personality, check.  Beautiful hair and makeup, check.  Tip top wardrobe and accessories, check.  Less than ideal backgrounds in which to work with the above, oh crap check.

But this is part of the fun in photography.  Not every photo session is going to be ideal.  Not every wedding is in a picturesque mountain getaway resort.  Not every client's business is a new, clean, multimillion dollar facility.  So you have to adapt, be present to your environment and client, and take a few chances along the way. And do it over, and over again each time finding what went right, what went wrong, and working on your craft.

The Home Depot Portion

Do I think everything went well?  Yes.  Is it perfect?  Absolutely not.  But I know more than I did before this session, and if I just took Susannah to the same locations as I did many other clients, I would be without those valuable lessons and a much lesser photographer because of it.  

So what is the point of this particular blog?  I am not really sure if I am being honest.  After 9 years of photography, I have a lot of lessons I have learned but I think the most important thing is that I know that I am still learning.  I still get nervous for shoots.  I still get excited for shoots.  I still want to give the client something that they will be hard pressed to find anywhere else and be proud to have on their wall or in a book.  So that means taking some chances.  Otherwise complacency sets in and I am like that stand up comic who does the same standup routine year after year because they found what works but once you've seen them, what's the point after that?

The Evans Fitness Center Portion

Before I sign off on this blog, I want to thank Susannah for taking the time out of her day to "play" dress-up with Rachel and I.  She makes it look easy when it was not always that, and that she should be commended for.  And as always, Rachel for her hard work and dedication in what she does, because she also makes look easy when it not always the case in the outdoor environs of Augusta.  And lastly, thanks to all of you for hanging around and supporting us through the years.  We have grown and evolved in so many ways and we have so many of you to thank for that growth.

The Columbia County Library Portion

Hair & Makeup:  Rachel Biestman of Maq & Mane

Hairpiece/Flowers:  Florologie

Dress:  Watters Lucca

Jacket:  Anthropologie

Susannah (82).jpg