my year in the miller theater, volume 5

my year at the miller-2.jpg

          This week we open with a little roof exploration, edifice details, and a little stage time.  And bees, lots of bees.  And we close out with a portrait session with the lovely Lindsay, who got to show off another side from the last we shot her.  This time we added the men's room as a location.  That's right, I know where to take the ladies for a photoshoot.

the miller

Notes: I expect a Monty Python-esque cut-out to appear on the horizon | Still makes me dizzy, but I like the contrasting lines throughout | More clouds and facades | The silver Benz makes another appearance | More clouds and facades | Church detail | Slivers from the in looking out | Stage time | Ampersand? | Bees | Another church detail | Over the parking lot | Rooftop texture | Bees and texture | Rusty texture | Balcony time

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dates: 6.16.14 | 6.29.14 | 7.11.14 | 7.12.14

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the portraits: lindsay

          This was our second opportunity to work with Lindsay, the first being her maternity session which we documented here. Rachel and Lindsay have worked together for years and it was an honor to do her maternity session, but this session was a bit in contrast to that one. A bit moody, a bit noir, mixed with a confident, sensual undertone. We tried a few new locations for us the men's bathroom and right outside the projector room utilizing the access hatch area to the roof, which incidentally gave the most wonderful sets of harsh and then soft light the higher we climbed.  And as usual, the secondary staircase area and women's bathroom provided some great light as well.

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date: 1.14.14

lens: 24mm1.4 | 50mm1.4