the return of sommer

It is hard to imagine that a month ago when we had the opportunity to work with Sommer again (first session here) that we were freezing our butt's off for this shoot.  Now, here we are and the weather this week is averaging mid-60's, with mid 70's and a smattering of 80's are predicted for next week.  And we are not even out of February yet, go figure.

Due to scheduling conflicts, we had to make a call to our favorite backup artist, Cara Woodward. We have known Cara for nearly 8 years. Not only does she work with Rachel in the salon, she is a great friend to our family. 

This second go round with Sommer was hampered a bit by the weather, which ended up being about 10° cooler than the weather forecast that morning with some unexpected sprinkling of precipitation.  All of which is to say that Rachel (who still accompanied me on the shoot) was not a happy camper.  Rachel is not much for the outdoors, particularly when it is cold and wet as she has developed and shown symptoms common with Raynaud's Syndrome primarily in her fingers, which you can guess makes it not so fun and sometimes difficult to work with makeup and hair as her much warmer, not bothered by the cold photographer husband asks her to adjust two strands of hair he doesn't want to bother editing later.  Hey, we all have quirks, right?

But back to our cold, wet moment in time with the lovely Sommer.  It was cold.  And it was wet.  And for some of these shots, we weren't exactly asking Sommer to wear the most warm of clothes.  But, we were there, and damn if Sommer did not have a wonderful attitude about the situation.  And really, I did have a wonderful little trash dumpster area that I wanted to shoot around and a bridge to uncomfortably pose her on.  Seriously, so what would you do?  Nobody said this was easy...  So just to tidy this little bit of rambling on my part, my many thanks to these two wonderful women in Rachel and Sommer in allowing this goofball "artist" the opportunity in some rather downright horrible weather to take the time and experiment with his craft.  We hope you enjoy the results as much as we do. 

Model:  Sommer C.

Hair/Makeup:  Cara Woodward

Photography:  Patrick Biestman