Per Example: Glamour Photography in Augusta, GA

When I walk into church on a Sunday morning, I genuinely attempt to turn off the stylist who governs nearly every other moment of my week. Initially this was not the case, as I gazed hungrily over the hundreds of people with hair in my congregation. Over time, the more I got involved, the more I began to focus on the various roles I would have on the weekends. Now I wisp through the crowds, destination in mind, and half of the time in a ponytail and dirty old kicks for working with kids. Sure. the majority of my regular book is full of the people who make my church the great place that it is, but we just have other things to do on a Sunday morning. 

All of that said, Deletha is one such client. She isn't in my chair very often, but her older daughter is a regular part of my weekends. I knew from Facebook that she was getting very much into running, and when she walked into kids' church to pick up her daughter in a very hot pair of skinny jeans and heels a few weekends ago; the stylist in me took over. She looked perfectly confident, and just lovely. I approached her about a glamour shoot later that week, and she agreed!

We are so happy with the results of that afternoon. Although she had not been a camera's sole focus since her wedding day, Deletha fully immersed herself in the process. She is an exquisite woman, and I know she and her family will cherish these photos.