Blessed: Family Photography in Augusta GA

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Are you blessed?

We are, without doubt. In this and every season for the last 4.5 years. We are blessed to have a healthy child. 

In earlier times, it was more like, "Well, at least he's healthy." Now, we look at God and each other and say with awe, "And, he's healthy!"

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Last year at Christmas, he figured out the whole "Christmas thing" about a week too late. We were doomed to watch "Frosty the Snowman" for months after. This year, he is drunk on Christmas wonder. At 4, he knows exactly what he wants (the "shark that eats cars and the truck with the red dinosaur and the bad guys"), and he talks about them at any appropriate opportunity. 

But in between times he says things, like "Momma, I love you big love you's times infinity;" and "Momma, you are very beu-ful. I love your hair."

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Again, are you blessed this holiday season? With a darling like this, the Biestmans couldn't be more.

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