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a personal maternity session

As I am getting older and mortality is becoming an ever increasing sentiment within my mind, not really but it is a good lead in, I listen to a lot of podcasts where health, nutrition, and fitness is a focus and I have attempted to clean up my act by cutting the sugary snacks and carbs out of my diet.  One of the things I have dramatically increased in my diet is nuts, which have a multitude of benefits, one of which is highlighted in the below tweet from the amazingly brilliant Dr. Rhonda Patrick.

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Family Photography in Evans GA: Time Has Flown

Four months after the fact, here she is. 

It isn't that we have been reluctant to share her with the world, but it is simply that time has flown. She is... everything. 

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#TBT: it is a near explosion

Seven years ago next Monday, the two of us were married. On a near last minute whim, we chose to go to Lisbon, Portugal for our honeymoon. 

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Evans GA Maternity Photography: Light, timber, and trespassing

Kind. Generous. Thoughtful. Caring. Beautiful. Nostalgic. Creative. Absolutely freaking hilarious.  

And pregnant.  


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