Riverstone, Photographs Of A (Much) Warmer Time

So this is a little quick blog as my mind attempts to wrap itself around the next couple of blogs which will be a bit more, well, personal with just a hint of NSFW-ness.  But we are here, in the now, and that now to be honest is quite cold.  As I write this at 5:00a this morning, I am thinking about the my last two winters which at times would involve getting up this early, packing a lunch, eating a large breakfast, drinking copious amount of coffee, and then layer upon thermal layer of clothes to survive the day as I climbed in and out of 5-20 foot deep trenches which were invariably 5-10* cooler than the topside all while doing my best not to get in the way of the men who were actually working in this environment day in/day out.

I am a Southerner by raising, and my definition of proper Southern weather in this neck of the woods is 90* with 100% humidity, not the current reading of 36* with 10mph winds.  So with those men in mind as the weather turns a bit colder this week, I salute them and their efforts in this weather and encourage (taunt) them with photos of much warmer times to come as I write this sipping my coffee leisurely in my robe with my very warm, very dry socks on. Smile emoji indeed.

And at this writing I would be remiss to point out that big red sale banner at the top of the page, get in while you can because there are only 2 days left for some great savings.  And a specific shout out to the guys here, Valentine's Day is around the corner, why not get her something that will last and not die within a week?  Just saying...

Full Set Of Riverstone Photos