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my year in the miller theater, volume 1

          In mid 2013 the opportunity to photograph in The Miller Theater presented itself.  A friend/mentor of mine had access and wanted to know if I would want to take a look. Not really knowing anything about the building or it's history,  I said sure and we met a few days later downtown. For that meeting, I brought nothing but myself, no camera. Long story short, at the end of that tour I got a key, had access to The Miller anytime I felt like it, and knew I would not enter the dressing rooms downstairs alone for fear of "her."  Whether she still haunts it after the remodel...

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about us series, volume 1

I hate the "About Us" portion of website work, entrepreneurship, promotion, whatever you would like to call it because I basically don't like to talk about myself, hence one of the reasons I like to "hide" behind the camera. Which, when you are a transplant to a community and trying to build a business, brand, and reputation, can cause you some issues. 

So, as we are currently working on a website revamp (I totally realize how bloated and convoluted the site has become, and I am sorry) and I have come to that period in time where I have to formulate the About Us section in a way that is clear and concise (not my strong suit as you will find out), why not use the blog as a way to explore our photography, ourselves, our philosophies, and use it as a tool to tell you a bit more about us and how we view and do what we do. Then, maybe I will be able to condense something down into a quick tidbit suitable for all the website developers that constantly contact me about my "web presence."

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a little update for our portrait sessions

We have two new offerings when it comes to our portrait sessions and an updated Product Guide to share with you. We are excited to offer our Double Shot and Triple Shot packages that offer significant savings while offering greater flexibility to meet your needs. Combine our Single Shot packages in any combo you would like, so a maybe a Senior/Family(Spring)/Family(Holiday) grouping or Couples/Boudoir/Portrait grouping, or any other mix and match you can think of.  Thank you for taking a look and we look forward to working with you!

pb rb

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Riverstone, Photographs Of A (Much) Warmer Time

So this is a little quick blog as my mind attempts to wrap itself around the next couple of blogs which will be a bit more, well, personal with just a hint of NSFW-ness.  But we are here, in the now, and that now to be honest is quite cold.  As I write this at 5:00a this morning, I am thinking about the my last two winters which at times would involve getting up this early, packing a lunch, eating a large breakfast, drinking copious amount of coffee, and then layer upon thermal layer of clothes to survive the day as I climbed in and out of 5-20 foot deep trenches which were invariably 5-10* cooler than the topside all while doing my best not to get in the way of the men who were actually working in this environment day in/day out.

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