Evans GA Family Photographer: heart strings interwoven

These two... 

It is not easy at 5 AM to look at two faces and pinpoint the exact succession of words I should use to describe our time with them. This is especially true in this case for so many reasons, including the fact that this shoot happened about a month ago. 



We met with this family right before we left for Guatemala, and they left for South Africa while we were away. We met to capture some of their last moments as a family of five, as they journeyed to Africa to unite with their two adopted children, Isi and Zano.  


As of now, Karla is still in Africa while Brent and the rest of the gang are here in Evans, pining over their sweet mom and newest siblings. You can read about their journey here, and let me add that it is totally worth your time. Karla writes beautifully, 

We are so excited to be a part of their adoption story, as this family is so much our family. They have seen us through some of the hardest moments of our lives, through scores of coffees, bowls of soup, laughter, tears, prayer, and worship. Our heart strings are so interwoven that it is impossible to think of our last five years without them. Truly. It is just impossible. 

So here they were, a family of five. Enjoy, and we cannot wait to introduce the other two darlings to you in a few months.