a half shot family session with the eubanks


I have had the honor recently to work with the Augusta University Pediatric Unit in photographing some of their patients with amazing stories and the Eubanks family and Lion’s story was the latest. You can read more about it here on the Pediatric Triumphs page for Augusta University Health. The session was our Half Shot Session, our version of what most call a mini session, and run about 45 minutes with the goal of highlighting Lion and the support from his lovely family. With a limited amount of time we stayed right on the campus outside of the Pediatric building, but tried to utilize the uniqueness of our environment to the best of our abilities. We started out on the street side of the building…

…and continued the next set simply switching angles to show off a different perspective. At one point, kids will be kids, and Captain professed his love for his Erin’s hair as a child sometimes will. But, as kids will do, give them the chance and he completed the classic look-back as we moved on to the next location…


…which was about 15 feet away to the front of the building with the bright red bench. It can’t always be about standing and posing, so we mixed it up a bit and provided a different set with the bench. It’s also good to note with family sessions, particularly with younger children, you have got to shoot a lot. One, they don’t care when you are about to take a picture, so that bird/car/shiny thing over there is generally much more important than whatever this person in front of them is doing with the thing in front of their face. Two, kids generally don’t have a camera face to begin with, so you are able to a myriad of faces and personalities in just one set look. So my advice to parents is to just roll with it, stay focused on the camera yourselves, and eventually we’ll get that “one” look you want. The rest just show off the many personalities of your child, and that’s not so bad, is it?


We took our longest walk of 20 feet to get to another building across the parking lot and shoot another sitting session, this one picnic style. Parents, sit down, and let the kids maul you is my basic instruction. Giving the kids some autonomy with the parents attempting to reel them in can always lead to some good shenanigans.


And lastly we finish utilizing a concrete retaining wall as a traditional studio set. A little bit of the complete family, a little of just Erin and Lion, and then while we are milling about and packing up to go home, sneak a few of Drew being dad with Captain and Lion. Overall it was great day, and I hope a low stress shoot for the Eubanks, who were able to come away with some shots that I think show the love and support that they have for each other. If you have not already from above, check out their write up on the Augusta University Health Pediatric Triumph page.