Craft and Connection: glamour photography in augusta ga

I love this video. I myself have struggled to fall into the traditional expectations others had prepared for me, and perhaps that is why I identify so much with this perspective. Dove is a champion for individuality, and this video is a (forgive me) proverbial middle finger to the established thought of what beauty really means.

Secondly, this video adds validity to some extent to what Rachel and I are trying to accomplish with this little business of ours. This week I started physical therapy for a shoulder injury, and as my therapist and I were connecting with each other, I divulged my career choice. As par for the course, she has a family connection to a photographer.  As I discussed what Rachel and I do and our style, it came out that this photographer (in her words) uses photoshop to take "a 3 and make her a 10. I can't even believe it is the same girl afterwards." Now, it is not my position to cast ill upon another photographer for their choice in style; but I cannot help but believe that this perception of pretty is skewed, at best. 

And then I came upon this video today.

Believe me, I am in no way trying to say that I am yet as influential or as talented as Bert Stern (neither am I as mentally unique). However in seeing this trailer, as well as these absolutely iconic images sans any photoshop manipulation; it reminds me of the power of the connection between the photographer and the subject. When thought, practice, connection, and execution are used, photoshop is not an absolute.

So before I let myself go too long on the subject, I will leave the reader with this: it is our dedication to craft and our connection to you during that photo shoot that we desire. We intend to create lasting, emotional images not only for us or the subject; but also for her daughters, sons, and even their children.  It never has, and never will be about the photoshop action afterwards.  Guaranteed.