The Price Family, Family Photography in Evans, GA


To keep in theme with the last blog entry, I present to you a family photo session with the wonderful Price family at the Evans Library and Amphitheater.  Over the years it has seemingly become one of Evan's locations of choice for family photography, nearly as much as the old train depot downtown has become stock amongst photographers.  However, it's an absolutely sublime location that offers an abundance of different backdrops to work with. It also allows for a nice stroll around the lake, as long as it is not summer in Augusta (at which point you don't even want to breathe, let alone saunter).  But as you will see, I believe the photos stand out for those who are familiar with the location, as one would be hard pressed to find any of these images repetitious in regard to other photographers.  Mastering this lens results in shots with alluring focus wherever I choose, and what remains is aesthetically organic (not contrived later in Photoshop). 

I have had the pleasure of working (off and on) with April in a coffee-related context, but this was my first opportunity to officially meet her husband, Bud, and her daughter, Abbey.  I was delighted to photograph them all, and I have two points to make about this encounter:

  1. I am a complete and utter Quentin Tarantino nerd, so it was so awesome for Bud to be wearing a very similar hat to the one "Bud" wore in Kill Bill. Totally awesome. 
  2. Abbey will break a lot of hearts.  I mean, a whole heckuva lot.  Seriously, will you just look at this kid?!?

And without further ado, please enjoy the photos of the beautiful Price family.