Evans GA Portrait Photography: Sterling and Myssi

The Biestmans are home after the loveliest vacation at Hilton Head Island, and for proof we can produce our Instagram account (@acuityphotography)! It has been a wild and wonderful nine months since our youngest was born, with our first shoot only 48 hours after her arrival. We were grateful for some time away from the computer, but of course we return with a lot on our plates (and nothing in the refrigerator). 

Journey with us now as we share some of the gems we have stored in our hopper, the first set of images boasting of this fascinating couple. 

Finding words to compliment images on the blog can be difficult sometimes. When we set out to shoot a subject, our intention is always to honor that person or couple. We honor them in light and shadows, in front of perfect shades of green where the sunshine splashes on done-but-undone hair. We honor them by preserving moments of bliss and love: times that drift by as we get caught up in the gust of the mundane. 

In the case of Sterling and Myssi, words are hardly elusive. They came to us through a friend's referral, and we had a sensational time with them. In a world full of "too cool," they are refreshingly enthusiastic- jumping into the heart of the experience from minute two. They made this "corner couple" want to be louder, nerdier, and more in the middle of things. 

Without getting too goofy, we'll just say that we really, really like them. 

Thank you, Sterling and Myssi! We are so encouraged by you. Your joy and passion for each other is legit, and we are glad we were able to capture these moments.