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a quick walk with mary

I don’t know, is it safe to say my wife stalks women? Ogles them? Has thoughts of running her hands through their hair? Is this beginning to sound like one of those letters to the forum in a dirty mag from 80’s/90’s? Will Rachel (wife/makeup artist/hairstylist/wardrobe coordinator/photo assistant/general badass) and Mary (the beautiful young lady gracing this post above and below) appreciate the opening lead-in down Penthouse forum lane? Probably not, but I don’t think either would be surprised…

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Augusta GA Wedding Photography: Stephanie in Charleston

Nearly a month ago, Patrick and I returned "home" to Charleston to photograph this lovely friend. And yesterday, she walked down the aisle at last.  

Stephanie and her small entourage tromped all over the city in two unseasonably cool days. We got in and out of cars more times than I can count, and In the end there were very tired feet, thousands of wrinkles, and so many memories. 

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