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Augusta GA Wedding Photographer: Steven and Stephanie

And they are off... husband and wife, on their way to Cancun or some other exotic destination. Putting a wedding together is such a journey, and for most the research, crafting, and prepping is so much that inevitably at some point during the day a bride and groom long for this moment of completion. 

And one would think that on this day when the rain was almost relentless, Stephanie and Steven would be no exception. We started at 9:00am at a friend's house, and despite the deluge I never heard a negative word from Stephanie's mouth. Today she was not longing for the resolution, but she was going to enjoy every minute until the last second passed.  

So here are Steven and Stephanie, and their party of twenty. Enjoy these images as these two partied all day long.  

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Augusta GA Wedding Photography: Stephanie in Charleston

Nearly a month ago, Patrick and I returned "home" to Charleston to photograph this lovely friend. And yesterday, she walked down the aisle at last.  

Stephanie and her small entourage tromped all over the city in two unseasonably cool days. We got in and out of cars more times than I can count, and In the end there were very tired feet, thousands of wrinkles, and so many memories. 

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