Augusta GA Wedding Photographer: Calye & Spencer

The indomitable passion of Calye and Spencer was something to behold, something that Rachel and I will always remember and smile about when thinking of this wedding.  It simply was beautiful.  From the engagement session at Enterprise Mill to the wedding here at The Barn at Perry's Landing, we had the chance to be a part these passion filled events and consider ourselves blessed.   And it is with that passion that we share these particular photos today, the ones that show us how much fun a wedding can be when you just simply let your love run the day.

I always like to take the bride and groom immediately after the ceremony to a secluded spot and let them enjoy the moment.  I of course then like to ask them to whisper something in the ear of their new spouse.  With some it may be straight from the heart, a continuation of their vows if you will.  While sometimes, well, I like ask them to whisper a preview of that other well known aspect of the wedding night.  As you can see, I think I went for the latter in these sets.  

Ladies first. 

And not to be outdone, Spencer bringing the, well, I don't know what he brought but it sure got a reaction out of Calye.

It was a wonderful day filled with so much emotion, we just thought we would share the proverbial tip of the iceberg.   It's very tough to maintain a professional demeanor when writing this because of the total kindness and generosity we have received in every interaction with these wonderful families as well as I have trouble not laughing when looking at certain moments.  So we have more coming in our next blog post, but in case you can't wait, you can see the entirety of it here.