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it's not always going to be perfect...

...and that's ok.  Sometimes Rachel get's a bee in her bonnet to shoot a non-commissioned session.  She got a new bit of makeup, a new hairstyle she wants to try out, a new dress she found, or maybe someone from church who's hair she's been eyeballin' or face she want's to try that new makeup on.  This photo session with Susannah would nicely fit into several of those categories.  But as you may know from the previous blog post, I often don't like to repeat myself when it comes to a session, so what do I do when I have my pick of locations for a session with a client who is along for the ride?  Well duh, how about behind the Big Lots and Home Depot parking lot?  Isn't that what you were thinking?!?

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Augusta Engagement photographers: Spencer and Calye

We have the pleasure of shooting their wedding this fall, and we couldn't be more psyched. After all, it isn't very often you get as much smolder from the groom as you do the bride.

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