Easiest ever half up tutorial... Wedding hair in Augusta GA

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Although I do feel like a bit of a "star" in front of my husband's camera, and perhaps I on occasion wear a bit more makeup than is required by a Tuesday morning; there are only a rare few events when we girls get to dress up beyond a certain age. I am privileged to be a part of a church where volunteers are treated like starlets one night each January, and Friday night is the night. Friday night is the "Big Show." 

By now, all of us have purchased dresses (or borrowed them from a girlfriend's closet), fitted our dancing shoes, and we are all thinking of how our hair and makeup will compliment our ensembles (and if you weren't, and now you are panicking, you are welcome;). As per tradition, I am bringing a few tutorials to the table, hoping to make the hair and makeup part just a bit simpler.

So here it is, the easiest ever "half up."

1. Before you attempt any formal style, curl/set your hair. Just do it. Curling not only looks nice, but it gets all of the hair cooperating. Spray some setting spray or flexible hairspray on the hair before or after. Do not use anything too hard so that it doesn't break as you are working with it. 

I curled mine with this...

The one I have goes from a half-inch to an inch in diameter. The result is a very separated curl, which gives it a very natural spiral look. I ALWAYS brush through mine, as I don't like that separation. I will even gently backcomb two curls together, as spirals can seem a bit dated (unless truly natural).  

hot tools tapered iron

I curled my hair back, and worked in larger sections in the front (larger sections+looser curl). 

hair salons in augusta ga

Starting right behind the fringe line, pull all of the hair back and away from the face. If you don't have bangs, you can pull all of your hair back, or just part the fringe area over and pull everything behind it back. Backcomb or tease your crown area for extra volume. I should have ;).

tut1 72.jpg
Pull the hair around your ears out. And then photo it and send it to me so I can laugh just as you are right now. 

Pull the two bits of hair around, and tie them in the back with a double knot. Pin the knot in place with two bobby pins in an "x" overlapping each other. Be careful to hide the pins in your curls.  

Wedding hair in Augusta GA

And there you have it! Spray the heck out of the top of your head, but leave your remaining curls moderately touchable. There are nothing worse than stiff curls!

Stay tuned this week as I show different methods of curling, some makeup tricks, and a few quick updos! So excited!