#TBT: it is a near explosion

IMG_2497 2.jpg

Seven years ago next Monday, the two of us were married. On a near last minute whim, we chose to go to Lisbon, Portugal for our honeymoon. 

IMG_2466 3.jpg

Two artists, two cities, 3 addresses, one sweet child, and one heck of a career change later, we are finally using our passports again. We leave Monday for Antigua, Guatemala, and "excited" is not the word for how we feel. Climbing volcanoes, seeing coffee grow, staying in a Balinese-style bungalow on a lake with boat-access only, eating plenty of fresh tortillas, seeing brilliant color and beautiful new faces... we are both exploding with anticipation.

Oh, and remember our friends who are adopting? They are leaving to bring their babies home on Tuesday. These are pretty exciting times. 

in belem.jpg

Pray for us as we go, pray for Langston as he is visiting with his grandmother and great-grandmother at Disney World, and of course, pray for our friends as they travel much farther than Guatemala. We will see you on the flip side (that is unless we decide to share a pretty sweet photo shoot we are sitting on beforehand). 

Love to you all!!