A bit about blush... wedding makeup in augusta, ga

'Tis true, I have a thing for makeup. I wouldn't call it an "obsession;" but as I have chosen it for a profession, I do have more than the average girl. 

Perhaps people imagine me with makeup coming out of everywhere: individual pots of shimmer and sheen that travel with me always. Although I am bogged down with more blue eye shadow than a girl could ever need, I really don't care to bring much with me when I go to a gig. For instance, I know that the likelihood of a bride wanting a heavy swipe of my Nars Arabian Nights Trio is slim at best, so I don't bother to bring it. 

There is, as the post suggests, a product that I simply cannot minimize. Every size and shade of it goes with me on every job, and sometimes I use 3 or more hues on a girl's cheek. Due to my obsession with blush that I would rather it stream down my face at the gym than go clean.

I love blush. I typically put it on one of two ways: 

Smile a really good smile. Start on the apple of your cheek, just past your laugh lines (real or imaginary). Sweep the brush back across your cheekbone, fading as you move back. Just lighten your pressure as you move back, and remember: you can always add more.

tut2 72.jpg

The other is a more sculpted look. It is slightly more complicated than the first method, but it really hollows out a rounder cheek. 

Using your sexy mirror face (you know the one), place blush on the angled part of your blush brush. Starting in the hollow part of your cheek, sweep up in short strokes toward your cheekbone, blending just into it. I then usually use a little highlighter and blend from my cheekbone down into the blush that I just applied. PS. the above is not my sexy mirror face. 

tut2 74.jpg

And here are some side -by-sides from some other clients...

As far as shades, I always try to wear cools with cools and warms with warms. If I am wearing a coral lipstick, I try a peachy pink blush like "Melba" from MAC. If I am wearing red, I typically go with more of a pink color, as reds usually end up looking cool on me. 

Goodnight for now, my friends, and tomorrow it is more hair! Have a great night, and a wonderful tomorrow!