Giving Back: Photography In Augusta, GA

Rachel and I are proud of the business that we have created here in Augusta.  Several years ago our little world was given quite the shake-up, one that at first had us reeling for stability.  However, within that chaos, we chose to look at it as our opportunity to step away from our secure realms and dive headlong into our love of beauty, photography, and our vision for where Augusta needed to go within those realms.

Along that time, we have had tremendous support from friends and family who always seemed to be there with the encouragement to keep our heads up high, and connections that often kept the roof over our heads and our bellies full.  With that in mind, Rachel and I have not forgotten that feeling, and all of the positives associated with what those little connections meant.  

In keeping with November and the beginning of the holiday season, we want to continue our commitment to ourselves and our communities by giving back in what seems like some simple ways for us (but can go oh so far for others).

So we ask, do you know of any local businesses that could benefit from top quality photos of their products or staff? Do you know someone who needs those photos to differentiate his or her business online or in print? We are giving away one photo shoot to provide a deserving local business just that: an opportunity to display their products, staff, and services with the same beauty and detail we offer all of our clients. 

This is our way of giving back, but also our way of sharing our knowledge, expertise, and (with hope) that same heartening feeling from beneficial connections we were able to get from our friends and family.  Simply have the owner(s) of that business come here to the blog and fill out the below form.  We will run the application process through the month of November, and at the end of which we will announce the donation recipient.

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